I’ve been trying to get the right “mix” of platforms to provide a social media framework for what I like to do on the internet.  I feel that I have finally arrived at what works best for me, and what might work best for others with similar interests.  First off, what do I want out of my interactions with the internet? First, I love music and I’m a musician that records and produces original works that are best presented through video (I don’t have time to play in a band).  Second, I’m a computer information systems consultant that enjoys programming and understands most standard IT infrastructures currently working on a variety of projects.  Believe it or not, these interests have a lot in common !!

So how do I use the internet based on what I like to do?   Here is a list in no particular order:

  1. Record videos of bands performing in and around LA and post these videos online.
  2. Upload my own original music and music videos.
  3. Create instructional videos.
  4. Blog about current interests and projects.
  5. Vlog about current interests and projects.
  6. Collaborate online.
  7. Search out new and interesting music and technology.
  8. Keep track of family and friends.

These are the social media platforms I currently use in what I consider my social media framework:

  1. Facebook (profile and page)
  2. WordPress (WordPress.com premium site)
  3. YouTube (channel)

I’ll explain how they all logically work together. You can consider WordPress the central “glue” that holds everything together.  On the front-end there is Facebook and on the back-end there is YouTube.

Let’s review from front to back; Facebook, WordPress, then YouTube.

My Facebook profile is where the “friends” are.  This is where you can post the day to day stuff and keep connected to family and friends.  My Facebook page and profile are separate entities and have nothing in common other than they are both assigned to me under a single username.  There is no direct link from my Facebook profile to WordPress or vice-versa.

My Facebook page is used as a front-end feeder to WordPress and a “scratch pad” for WordPress.  On my Facebook page there is a “call to action” link to WordPress when you click on the Facebook page cover photo.  Also, any post on my Facebook page that originated from WordPress can take the user to WordPress by simply clicking on the post.  My Facebook page is always interacting with WordPress. I used the Facebook blog template to create the Facebook page so it compliments WordPress nicely since both are considered blogging platforms.  I try to keep content that originates from my Facebook page similar to content found on my WordPress site, but I consider any content directly posted to my Facebook page as unfinished until it gets moved to WordPress.


My WordPress blog is the blogging platform where all information is entered as posts and outside information is referenced within posts as links.  I have my own premium site with custom domain name.  It’s very static, unlike Facebook and to a lesser extent YouTube.  I feel safe putting information on WordPress knowing that it will not be altered.  This is where my finished work goes. Whenever I post to WordPress, posts get automatically linked and displayed on my Facebook page.


My YouTube channel is where I have the most fun.  Music and instructional videos are at the heart of what I like to interact with.  My YouTube channel is currently comprised of concert videos, videos of my own music, my own instructional videos, and playlists of music that I like and found on YouTube. My own music and instructional videos are monetized using Google Adsense.  YouTube is great since it is free and you have virtually unlimited storage, perfect for HD videos.


Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll be updating this post from time to time.  My next step is to create a vlog post similar in content to this post that will be uploaded to YouTube and referenced through my WordPress site.  Stay tuned …. please leave any comments and I’ll get back to you ….

Here’s a video overview of this subject …