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Getting Started with Python on Heroku


Django Instructional Videos

Beginner to Intermediate

Watch directly in MVA

00:30 Django installation instructions using Visual Studio.
00:46 Models, Views, Controllers overview.
00:57 Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) API
01:05 Creating a new project.
Django Model Field Ref Page
01:18 How to configure DBs and creating and executing Migrations
01:31 Creating and updating data through Models
01:46 Custom Queries
02:00 Walking the Object Chain
02:09 DB Browser for SQLite
02:13 URLs and Routing
02:23 Patterns and Regular Expressions
Regular Expression Library Page
02:45 Configuring Routing
03:04 Templates
03:24 Forms
03:44 Ensuring consistency with Templates
03:51 Bootstrap
Bootstrap MVA
04:03 Deploying to Azure